How It Works


Ebikko MM Users and Groups

There are two types of users in the Ebikko MM system, administrators and meeting attendees. Administrators are responsible for the system, adding new users and groups, creating Meeting Types, creating Meeting Invitations and adding Meeting Material to the system. Ebikko Lite has a maximum of 10 users whereas the Enterprise version has no user limit. Administrators can create any number of Meeting Types with the Enterprise version with the Lite version limited to 5 Meeting Types. The Lite version is targeted toward smaller organisations and Non-Profits with the Enterprise version suitable for larger organisation with more users and meeting types.

Information stored in the cloud

Ebikko MeetingManager is a cloud based system, all information is stored in the cloud and accessible from any internet connected device. Ebikko MM can be accessed by any Chrome, Firefox and Safari (IPad only) browser. Administrators will typically use PC to manage the system whereas meeting attendees can use either a PC or a tablet device. Meeting Materials are safely and securely stored in the system by Meeting. Separate folders are automatically created for each meeting with access to these folders managed by the Administrator. With the correct permissions these documents may be downloaded to their device or forwarded by email to other parties. These permissions are configurable and may be disallowed.

Information is easy to find and up to date

Meeting materials are automatically stored in the correct meeting folders. Ebikko MM also has easy to use text search features with users simply typing in a word or phrase and the system returning a list of documents that match that criteria. All meeting materials are up to date with no need to produce or reproduce paper copies. Last minute changes are immediately reflected in the latest versions of the documents that everybody views. The Enterprise version enables attendees to annotate the documents with their own notes which may be kept private, shared with a limited number of users or shared to all.

Meeting Invitations

The Administrator is responsible to setup and invite attendees to a meeting. It is a quick and easy task to send invites via email to attendees who will receive a formatted invitation with a simple YES or NO button to accept or decline the invitation. Based on feedback from invited guests the Administrator can produce an attendee list. The system records all responses to meeting invitations.

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