Meeting Member User Questions

Meeting documents are automatically available once uploaded onto the syetem, documents are stored in specific meeting folders. MeetingManager offers purpose built tools that allow for online/offline viewing and annotation of these documents. Subsequently, these documents can be reuploaded to ensure that meeting members have the latest version of each document.

Absolutely – MeetingManager is an application that is easy to use and learn. MeetingManager has a highly usable, minimalistic and intuitive design that has been specifically built to enable new users to learn the tool quickly. We want you to focus on your job, not the technology. MeetingManager allows you to do so.

You can use MeetingManager on a laptop or tablet device. If you are going to be offline and your permission allows you can download your documents to your device.

Yes you can, when you are viewing a document you can make annotations and highlights, keep these as private or share with all or some of your colleagues.

Yes you can, thata��s the beauty of an Electronic system versus a paper based system, last minute changes are advised and are available to all meeting attendees.

It is up to you. You have the option to allow other meeting members to view the annotations that you have made or you can keep these private.

With MeetingManager, users can review documents even while offline. When you reconnect to the internet, all updates made offline can be uploaded back to the server in order to update the meeting content.

MeetingManager segregates content in separate meeting folders that function as depository points for each particular meeting. Users only have access to content for which theya��re explicitly authorised, thereby ensuring that users cannot view or share documents outside their own meeting.

MeetingManager users just need a browser, we prefer Chrome on a PC, laptop or tablet device.

We will use a Train-the-Trainer approach whereby we will provide hands-on training to Meeting Administrators from an administrator and end-user perspective. Once this is completed, Meeting Administrators will be fully equipped to be the trainers for the Meeting Attendees.A� Training is either at the customer premises or using online meeting tools.

Support for MeetingManager will generally be provided off-site through remote support. On-site support will be provided if there are any critical issues that cannot be solved remotely. We have a fully dedicated support team operating out of our offices in Kuala Lumpur. The Ag-I support team operate during Malaysian office hours of 9AM – 6PM with out of office hours available if pre-arranged.

Once the MeetingManager agreement is signed then the software is available to use within minutes.

Administrator Questions

MeetingManager allows meeting administrators to easily create, distribute and update board meeting materials. By eradicating the paper-based chaos of meeting administration, MeetingManager enables company secretaries and administrators to focus exclusively on providing timely top quality service.

MeetingManager has a highly usable, minimalistic and intuitive design that has been specifically built to enable users to learn the tool quickly. By incorporating functions such as a�?drag and dropa�?, the administration section of MeetingManager is designed to streamline and simplify the process of assembling and distributing meeting documents.

Administrators simply upload documents to MeetingManager by a a�?drag and dropa�� function.

Yes – Administrators have the ability to grant or restrict access to meeting folder and documents for meeting members. This access control can be personalised for each individual user. MeetingManager also allows administrators to create groups or committees within an organisation, easily adding or removing members to the groups as required.

Meeting administrators will be provided with 2 types of training: Administration Training and End User Training. This process will take approximately 2 days. Upon completion of this training, meeting administrators will be equipped to train end users of the product.

Security Questions

We put security at the forefront of our thinking. Therefore, we built MeetingManager on top of our world class ISO 16175 certified Ebikko Records and Document Management System. Additionally, all data stored in MeetingManager will be hosted at our secure ISO 27001 certified data centres. We will encrypt all data transmission to the HTTPS standard (the same as your banking sites), whilst meeting documents will be encrypted to a military-grade 256 bit standard.

MeetingManager can be hosted in our secure ISO 27001 certified data centres in Malaysia. We will be hosting MeetingManager in other countries soon. Also, MeetingManager can be installed on-premise if it is customer policy to host sensitive data internally.

Customers can place strict controls on who can see and access documents, minimizing the risks of any discoverability. Users can also permanently delete documents and notes, and this will ensure that they are irretrievable.

We can provide copies of the data centre audits and certificates.

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