Home Portals Transforming the Meeting Administratora��s Role – Part 3/3

Portals Transforming the Meeting Administratora��s Role – Part 3/3

How Portals Are Transforming the Meeting Administratora��s Role – Part 3/3

This is the third blog post in our series about how board portals are transforming the role of the meeting administrator. In Parts 1 and 2 we discussed how board portals are improving the quality of meeting administratora��s work and the practice of good corporate governance. In Part 3 we will look at the security and confidentiality enhancements that board portals offer, as well as other paperless benefits to meeting administrators.

Security and Confidentiality

Ensuring that sensitive meeting materials remain confidential and secure is extremely important to everyone involved in the board meeting process. In particular, administrators and company secretaries bear the weight of responsibility for guaranteeing this. However, traditional paper board books are susceptible to being lost in the ways that all physical objects are; being stolen or misplaced. As a result, confidential and sensitive information is always in serious risk of being discovered by external parties.

Moving to a paperless solution eradicates this risk of physical objects being stolen or misplaced. Additionally, board portals tackle the issue of cyber-security and confidentiality head-on by providing sophisticated levels of data encryption, which ensures that critical board information is protected. For example, Ebikko MeetingManager encrypts all data transmission to standards that all banks use, whilst meeting documents are encrypted to a military-grade standard.

Meeting administrators using Ebikko MeetingManager also have the ability to control user access to meeting materials, in order to fit with that particular usera��s authorisation. Information can also be set to expire after a certain time period or amount of views, thereby safeguarding documents from getting into unauthorised hands.

It is clear that board portals, and in particular Ebikko MeetingManager, place great importance on preserving confidentiality and security. By utilising a range of user-friendly but security-sophisticated features, meeting administrators can be assured that sensitive information is truly protected.

Disaster Recovery

Meeting documents are also susceptible to being destroyed through disasters such as fires and floods. Wea��ve all seen the paper mountains that are inherent within company secretariesa�� offices, where all it would take is for a spark to ignite a huge loss of documents. Moving to a paperless solution therefore ensures that meeting administrators can breathe easily knowing that their information is secure from any disasters.

Simple & Secure. Efficient & Effective

As can be seen from this three-part series of blogs, board portals are not only transforming the ways in which meetings are administered, but also the job functions of administrators and company secretaries. Improving the speed and quality of meeting administrative work, encouraging good corporate governance and preserving security and confidentiality, provide just the tip of the iceberg on how this disruptive technology is changing the industry. We understand that for some meeting administrators the move to this digital solution may be a big step. Therefore, we built Ebikko MeetingManager to provide a seamless user transition to a simple & secure solution for efficient & effective meetings and communications.

Contributed by Zachary Liew

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