Home Portals Transforming the Meeting Administratora��s Role – Part 2/3

Portals Transforming the Meeting Administratora��s Role – Part 2/3

How Portals Are Transforming the Meeting Administratora��s Role – Part 2/3

This is the second blog post in our series about how board portals are transforming the role of the meeting administrator. In Part 1 we discussed how board portals lead to an improvement in the quality of work that administrators and company secretaries produce. Here we will look at the ways in which board portals help meeting administrators to achieve their primary objective: facilitating good corporate governance.

Good Corporate Governance

As discussed in Part 1, moving to a digital board portal has the distinct advantage of improving the speed and quality of meeting administration. In addition to this, moving to a paperless solution helps administrators and company secretaries to achieve their primary objective: facilitating good corporate governance.

In the pre-board portal years, meeting administrators or attendees would have to manually sift through reams of paper when looking for a document from previous meetings. Clearly this is a highly inefficient process and it draws great parallels to the old saying, a�?ita��s like looking for a needle in a haystacka�?. However, with the advancement of board portal technology, these days are now gone.

Meeting administrators and company secretaries can now track documents from previous meetings extremely easily as a result of the storage and search capabilities of board portals. This makes it much easier for minutes from previous meetings to be used as reference points, as they can be accessed almost instantaneously. Ultimately, this fast recall of information leads to better informed decision-making amongst directors, as well as allowing the meeting administrator to effectively fulfil their obligations.

Alongside the rise of digital, we are also experiencing huge increases in regulation in the modern era. The looming threat of huge fines, reputation damage and criminal charges means that it should be of great importance for companies and company secretaries to take every step necessary to ensure compliance. Board portals, such as Ebikko MeetingManager, are specifically designed for this reason. Meeting documents are stored through the application, leaving a highly traceable audit trail of activity for compliance and legal purposes. Information on who said what and when, is all stored safely. Ebikko MeetingManager also allows company secretaries to easily manage their document retention policies by setting reminders on when to review, archive or destroy their records.


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